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Dasatria understands that significant cost and time savings can be realized early in the pre-construction period. With that said, we provide assistance to our clients at project conception in achieving their design intent and budget goals, by understanding our client's mission, project site review, greater accuracy of estimates, value engineering, and constructability suggestions. Dasatria puts a high concentration on pre-construction process to allow the owner, architect, and contractor to collect their minds and address their concerns. Communication among these participants ensures that the best alternatives are presented during the pre-construction.

Civil Work

As a general contractor, civil work is the heart of the construction, where we gather a large amount of resources such as labors, materials, equipment, including financial and human capital resources, into the site. Civil Work includes structural works, infrastructural works, wastewater treatment, utilities, and many others. During the construction phase of a project, Dasatria provides a system of schedule development and continual monitoring that enables flexibility and close communication. We identify potential obstacles in the construction and work closely with the design team to develop a planning strategy, expedited procurement for long-lead items, innovative schedule to avoid unnecessary construction delays, therefore ensuring our clients receive top quality performance and value. During the course of the project, both the schedule and budget are maintained and updated as the changes to the project dictate.


At Dasatria, we understand the importance of our client receiveing the final product on time. Through comprehensive quality program, we proactively establish a close-out checklist to monitor items required for final project completion. We actively pursue them until nothing is left incomplete at project turnover.

Mechanical and Electrical Work

Dasatria is a licensed company to install mechanical and electrical work. Depending on the contract, our ME Division can become a part of the main project or separate. By offering ME Services, Dasatria optimize the synergy that results from involving all types of works in the construction process, thus providing our clients with shorter overall project durations and potential cost savings.

Steel Fabrication

One of the ways we continue to deliver greater value to our customers is through our dedication and ability to self-perform certain critical trades, such as steel shop fabrication and steel erection. Our workshop has allowed us to self perform steel construction from shop drawing production, steel fabrication as designed, to erection on site. By performing this fundamental scope of work, we are able to offer more control, as well as schedule and budget improvements.


Dasatria takes pride in its ability to adopt the latest trend in the construction market. Nowadays, with the need of tenant improvements, renovation projects become more readily available in the market. Dasatria answers this call by working very closely with our clients and address their concerns during renovation project. We understand the sensitivity of such project, therefore, we put our client's needs in the highest priority by scheduling around and modifying our work practices as necessary to minimize the impact to our client's operations.

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